Summer’s Here!

We have Good News and a little Bad News

NeighborsThe GOOD NEWS IS: The pool is now OPEN with the Full – Time Summer Schedule beginning this weekend. You can access that schedule here.More Good News: The Splash Pad renovation is complete and looking great! Here is a photo:


Now for the bad news: The Splash pad is not working. Diagnosis and repair is underway and we expect it to be back up very soon. The renovation did not ‘break’ the Splash Pad and we feel the two issues are not related. We’ll let everyone know when it’s back up and running. Apologies for any inconvenience.

We are so pleased to have completed two much needed renovation projects, the tennis courts and splash pad updates, putting our HOA dues to very good use on behalf of all the community. We also want to say we appreciate your patience while these projects have been underway. We really wanted to get things done before the start of Summer and we have!

One more piece of news: The Bike Rodeo has been cancelled. We were unable to find an appropriate location for the event that met the Sheriff’s department guidelines. We’ll keep working on that and let you know if we are able to reschedule.

Wishing all of our neighbors a safe, fun and happy summer!