It’s not too late to start prepping your lawn for that weed free and gorgeous green carpet your neighbors will envy. A little attention now will make a healthy yard easy to care for throughout the year. We like Randy Lemmon’s Lawn Fertilization Schedule and offer his early Spring recommendations here:

Late March/Early April: apply slow release 3-1-2 fertilizer

February/March: use pre-emergent controls for grassy weeds

Specific brands and additional scheduling for the rest of the year are also offered on his site at the link above.

Most of us have St. Augustine grass that does fine with a twice a week watering while our temps are under 80 degrees. Warmer weather requires more frequent watering. Water early in the morning to both conserve water and prevent fungus growth. How much depends on the size of your lawn, but a good deep thirst quenching 1-1/2″ or so of water will do the trick.

Get off to a good start with this great Spring weather and you’ll enjoy a luscious lawn all Summer and into Fall!