Our second attempt to hold our Annual Meeting of Homeowners and Election will be held on Monday, March 21, 2022. The previous meeting held in February was adjourned and not valid because we were not able to achieve quorum with only 58 votes or proxies. With 1057 homes in our community, we needed at least 106 votes or completed proxy forms to reach the 10% quorum to hold the meeting.

We will use electronic voting for this meeting, which did produce good results for the meeting and election help in 2021. A new mailing went out to each homeowner with instructions on the electronic voting process and it also contains your voting code to use to access the electronic voting website. If you did not receive the mailer, or have lost it, you will need to contact our community manager, Liz Pettit, to receive your code. She can be reached at liz@crest-management.com or 281-945-4617 and she will provide the code needed.

Votes and proxies from the last meeting in February will not count in this election, so if you cast a vote in that election on February, or mailed in a proxy, you will need to vote again.

Here is a link to the document that was mailed to everyone with all the information about the meeting, including the dial in number to attend the virtual meeting, and the voting instructions.

Annual Meeting Notice March 21 2022

Online voting started on March 9th and is open until 3;00 PM on March 21.

The candidate bios are included on the voting website as well.

We thank you for taking a minute to participate in the election process, and we look forward for many of you to be able to join the meeting by phone as well!

Oak Park Trails Board of Directors

Lisa, Jarrod, Denise, Romi, and Charlie




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