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A pool access device is required for all residents to use the swimming pool facility. This access device also provides access to the tennis courts gates.

We have several options to offer for access devices. There is a traditional access card, a waterproof wristband, an adhesive disc for the back of your phone case, and a new Free phone APP available.

Please fill out the Pool Registration Form and send in to the address listed on the form with any required payment and your access device will be mailed to you. If you only need the Free Phone App, you can email the completed registration form to for processing.

Additional Information for 20234 Pool Season

Access Device Registration Form

2024 Pool Schedule

Update from our pool management A-Beautiful Pools:

Summer swimming pool operations are in full swing, and the pool is now open. We hope that our residents are enjoying the cool water as a break from the heat! A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. reached out in the last week to notify their clients of a new internal policy that we would like to share. They have seen an increased frequency of incidents at the pools they manage regarding negative resident interaction with the lifeguard staff. Moving forward if there is a resident who uses inappropriate language, name calling or behaves in a threatening manner towards the staff the police will be called immediately. Following an incident, the board will be reviewing the homeowner’s amenity access per the Associations By-Laws. As you interact with pool staff, please be aware of your tone, approach, and language. If you notice something that seems amiss or out of line with the expectations for the lifeguard staff, please contact Crest Management, A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. office or utilize the number on the sign of the front gate for 24-hour response from A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. management staff. Utilizing these methods can help alleviate any issues or complaints without further incident.



Exterior Modification Request forms are required to be submitted for approval for many types of improvements and updates to your home. Prior to doing any exterior work on your home please submit the EMR form to request approval. The Board has 30 days to approve or deny the request, but many can be done in less time, one to two weeks often. Please refer to the ACC Guidelines document to get more information on the rules regarding the type of improvement for which you are seeking approval. Some of the more comment types of improvements that require approval are fences (replacement of existing and changes to current fence), exterior paint (even if painting the same color),roof replacement, replacement windows, addition of patio covers, gazebos or other additions to back yard, addition of storage sheds to the back yard, installation of swimming pools and spa/hot tubs, new basketball goal (both portable and permanent installations), and installations of play equipment/trampolines). If you have any questions, please contact our community managers at Crest Management (713-579-0761), or the HOA Board of Directors (

Exterior Modification Requests are now submitted electronically. Please use the link below to submit your request via the electronic portal on the Crest Management website.



Trash days in Oak Park Trails are Tuesdays and Fridays. Household trash is picked up on both days. Recycling is picked up on Tuesdays only.

Tuesdays – ALL household trash must be in the provided collection bins. NO loose trash bags, yard waste, or heavy trash is collected on Tuesdays. If it is not in the collection bin, it will not be picked up.

Recycling bins will also be emptied on Tuesdays.

Fridays -In addition to household trash in the collection bin, loose trash bags, yard waste and heavy trash is collected on Fridays only. Please do not put heavy trash out until Thursday evenings for the Friday collection.

For more information or Customer Service from the trash/recycling service provider please call GFL Environmental Services.






CCR Delaration Sec. 1

CCR Declaration Sec 2 and 3

CCR Declaration Sec 4

CCR Declaration Sec. 5

CCR Declaration Sec. 6,7,and 8


CCR Declaration Sec. 10

CCR Declaration Sec. 11

CCR Declaration Sec. 15

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CCR Declaration Sec. 18


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