Our Annual Meeting of Homeowners will be held Monday, February 21, at 6:30 PM. The meeting will be held via teleconference. The call in # and meeting PIN is noted at the top of the meeting agenda.

Meeting information, and the ballot and proxy forms needed for the election were sent out to all homeowners by mail and should have been received by now. Please send in either your completed ballot, or your proxy form by 5:00PM on Monday February 21st. There will be no voting at the meeting so it is important that you cast your vote early for one of the candidates to fill the open Board of Directors position. Candidate information was included in the meeting package. Information on returning your ballot or proxy form is included on the forms.

We must have a quorum of 10% of all owners, which means we need ballot forms, or proxy forms for 106 homeowners, or we will not be able to hold the meeting. This will also mean that we will have to reschedule the meeting, and incur the added expense of another mail out to all homeowners.

A link to both the Ballot and Proxy form is below, as well as a copy of the agenda for the meeting with the call in info.

If you have any questions, please call our Community Manager at Crest Management, Liz, or her assistant Dale, at 281-579-0761. You can also email the Board of Directors at board@oakparkrails.org.

2022 Annual Meeting Agenda and call in info

Ballot form and Proxy form for Annual meeting Feb 2022

You only need to return either the Ballot form OR the Proxy form, not both.


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