Hi OPT Neighbors,
We want to share news of a project that will be happening at the “bayou” to the immediate east of the Oak Park Trails neighborhood. (the T-103 Drainage channel).

Harris County Flood Control District will begin work on the drainage channel as part of the Barker Watershed desilting projects for several streams and tributaries upstream of the Barker Reservoir. The project in our area will commence right away and will take approximately 3 weeks, weather permitting.

What our neighborhood can expect
* You will see heavy equipment moving into the drainage channel area, starting just north of Highland Knolls Blvd. and then moving south into the Oak Park Trails Area.
* Trucks and heavy equipment will be using the parking area next to the Memorial Parkway Community pool and recreation complex on Highland Knolls to enter the drainage channel area.
* Trucks and heavy equipment will exit from the drainage channel area at Park Timbers, near the Memorial MUD Water Plant area. Neighbors in this area will see these trucks along Park Timbers and Park Maple as they exit the neighborhood. Neighbors that have backyards that border the drainage channel area will possibly experience some noise from the desilting activities for the duration of the project.
* Desilting activities will proceed southward along the entire length of the drainage channel past the pedestrian bridge at the southeast corner of the neighborhood, to the point where it meets the drainage channel that borders the south side of OPT.

We know that many of you regularly use the bayou area for walking. Please be patient as this project progresses and avoid any work areas for safety reasons.

Here are some links to more information on the project from Harris County Flood Control District and from Katy Community Impact Newspaper publications.



Please let us know if you have any questions.
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