Hi OPT Neighbors,
Just a few quick notes as everyone is preparing for the storm that is forecast to arrive late Friday/early Saturday.

* Friday is a scheduled trash and heavy/loose trash pick up day. We have not been told of any changes to the schedule, but if you have questions please contact the WCA Trash service office at 281-368-8397.
*If trash collection is not completed by late afternoon, please retrieve any bags of trash or loose/heavy trash, tree cuttings, etc. that may be curbside and secure it for the duration of the storm. All of these items can become a hazard in high wind and/or flooding situation. Most likely scenario is items will float to the nearest storm drain and clog it up causing water to rise on your street.
*Of course please bring all trash collection containers in from the street and secure them or they could float or blow away.
*If you have a portable basketball goal on your driveway or in your yard, please lay it down so it does not fall and damage property.
*Park as many cars as possible in your driveway to keep roads clear.
HELP EACH OTHER! Take the time to check on neighbors before and after the storm. Exchange phone numbers so we can all be of help to each other when a problem arises.
*Secure any loose items outside in front and back yard. Plants, bbq equipment, decorative items, lawn chairs, etc.
Please secure your pets. Even small storms seem to almost always result in lost pets. This is a big storm and our pets can become nervous and frightened. Make sure your pets collar is on and ID is up to date. If your pet is lost, please send us an email at board@oakparktrails.com and we will send out an alert, provided we also have internet service.
We are wishing everyone the best in riding out the storm! 

OPT HOA Board of Directors

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