We have had many emails, phone calls and Facebook inquiries today asking where did the recycle bins go. Apparently any recycle bins that were set out for today’s scheduled collection were removed by the waste collection contractor.
Since the waste collection contract is not handled by the HOA or Crest Management, we were not aware of why this happened either.  (Waste collection is handled by Memorial M.U.D. District for Oak Park Trails.) After making a phone call to WCA, the waste collection contractor, we were told the following:
“WCA is picking up the bins because they are changing to a side load collection truck and will be delivering new gray recycling carts on wheels to accommodate this change”
If you have any questions, please contact WCA directly at 281-368-8397. This information is posted on the OPT website for future reference. On the “Contact Us” tab at the top right side of the page, click on ‘Useful links and Numbers’ tab.