GARAGE-SALE-CARTOON-300x244It’s time for our Oak Park Trails Fall Community Garage Sale! The date is Saturday, April 6, 2012, rain or shine. Our garage sale weekends have been very successful in the past and it is a great time to clean out and organize with some spring cleaning. The OPT HOA will be providing banner signage at the major entrances to the community to help with promoting the sale.

Oak Park Trails holds community garage sales 2-3 times during the year. Holding your garage sale on this weekend will help make our neighborhood safer and cleaner and in addition will increase attendance and sales at your event. Many neighborhoods around us only conduct garage sales twice a year and do not allow for them at any other times.

Please remember when placing signs throughout the neighborhood it is illegal to place  signs in public right of ways, esplanades and on traffic signs.The sheriff’s department can and will enforce the law and will issue citations and fines up to $1000 per sign. Please be considerate and remove any signage used for garage sales. It is against deed restrictions to post this type of signage and not remove it as soon as the event is over.

Please also be mindful of the traffic in front of your home that your garage sale will  create and ask shoppers to park so that no driveways or road ways are blocked.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

See the article on page 4 of this newsletter for tips on having a successful garage sale.

Happy selling!

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