If you wish to receive these notices, you can sign up at this link to Katy ISD Stranger Danger information system. Here are the details of today’s alert:

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information about a suspect who ordered a boy to get into his truck in the Katy area.

On Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013 at about 6:30 p.m., a 13-year-old boy was riding his bicycle home when he was approached by a man in a pickup truck. The incident occurred near the intersection of Debra’s Trace and Oxford Bend Lane not far from Beck Junior High School.

The driver of the pickup was described as being a chubby Hispanic male, about 40 years of age with short, thick black hair and a mustache. The boy said he also had a tattoo on his left cheek but could not make out the design. The man was wearing a long-sleeve button-down shirt with stripes.

The boy said the man stopped and ordered the boy to get into the truck. At that point, the boy took off on his bike as fast as he could and he said the man sped away in his truck.

The vehicle is described as an older model single cab pickup truck, beige or brown in color with a dark tinted rear window. The boy said there was a sticker on the back window, but he could not see what it said.

Anyone who may have seen the truck or the incident is asked to call the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 281-341-4665.

When the Katy ISD Police Department receives a notice that a suspicious person or vehicle has been spotted in the vicinity of Katy ISD campus, a Stranger Danger Alert is sent to parents who have signed up to receive these notices as well as other campuses in the area of the incident. Oak Park Trails has registered to receive these notices and we will publish the Stranger Danger Alert information on our website, Facebook page and send an email to our residents to help our community’s families be aware. This is another crime prevention initiative, like Neighborhood Night Out that has been proven to deter crime as well as keep our children and homes safer.

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